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Cella Lao Rousseau (@hellorousseau) is a Winnipeg bestselling author, media designer, photographer, and Creative Communication’s journalism student from Red River College.

When she’s not writing for her award-winning blog, shooting local breaking news stories, or managing social media, Cella is dabbling in photography, working professionally as a makeup artist, or singing classical music. 




"There are a variety of female serial killer types, the most notorious being the aptly termed Black Widows, whose nickname recalls the toxic spiders who destroy their mates when their usefulness is over.

They are typically unsuspecting women who hide behind the facade of a wife or mother to hide their murderous instincts.

Three-quarters of the time, they kill strictly for profit. They live off life insurance policies, pensions, and other assets gained from 'sudden' deaths of husbands, children, grandchildren, stepchildren, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers."

                    Model: Lindsey Dorie (@DorieLindsey)
                    Makeup Artist: Josh Stark
                    Shot/Lit/Edited: Cella Lao Rousseau


“According to Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D., a criminal profiler and leading expert on female serial killers, ‘Female murderers can actually be more lethal than their male counterparts because they use covert murder methods. That is, often there is little to no evidence that a homicide has been committed.’

However, one type of female killer that successfully strays from this pattern is the revenge killer.

Though rare, what makes revenge serial killers different is their drive to inflict pain and their lack of control. They typically lash out with overwhelming anger that borders upon pathological.

These women have little or no cooling-off period, implying a certain kind of obsessive attachment to the darker qualities of revenge that go beyond what most normally mean by ‘motivated by revenge'.”

                    Model: Reena Hubatka (@rhubatka)
                    Makeup Artist: Josh Stark
                    Shot/Lit/Edited: Cella Lao Rousseau


“An Angel of Death thinks of herself as God– she preys on those who she believes are already marked for death. Sick people in hospitals, aging relatives, and other vulnerable, weak targets typically fall victim to these women.

Angels of Death fall into a larger community of serial killers. They are normally power and control killers, although sometimes there may be a comfort, profit or other motive to their killings.

These killers can be broken down into three murderous categories: 
1. Mercy killers, who believe their victims are suffering immensely 
2. Sadistic killers, who use their position of power as a way of controlling and torturing helpless victims.
3. Malignant heroes, where a pattern in which the subject endangers the victim's life in some way, then proceeds to ‘save’ them. Some feign attempting resuscitation, all the while knowing their victim is already dead and beyond help.

Though motive varies, all types of Angel have a strong compulsion to kill that drives them. They tend to murder their victims where they can easily access them, crave all attention that comes afterwards, and kill all of their vulnerable prey without remorse."

                    Model: Megan Dudeck (@megandudeck)
                    Makeup Artist: Josh Stark
                    Shot/Lit/Edited: Cella Lao Rousseau