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Winnipeg, MB, R3B

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Cella Lao Rousseau (@hellorousseau) is a Winnipeg bestselling author, media designer, photographer, and Creative Communication’s journalism student from Red River College.

When she’s not writing for her award-winning blog, shooting local breaking news stories, or managing social media, Cella is dabbling in photography, working professionally as a makeup artist, or singing classical music. 



I’ve been photographing things– strangers, random quirks on the street, friends, makeup artistry, stray cats, captivating dancers, and blurred celebrations– since I bought my first DSLR in grade 10.

I was my graduating year’s unofficial photographer/videographer because I constantly carried my camera around with me wherever I went. I was so absolutely annoying with the thing that I’d get yelled at on an daily basis by friends and teachers for snapping candids. 

My favourite kind of photography comes from the stuff you think wouldn’t typically make a good picture, or getting a shot of someone when they aren’t fully ready. Even though it may not technically be ‘correct,’ it makes the image so much more genuine and a lot more interesting to look at.

It’s true that everyone looks good when they smile and pose, but being able to capture what someone’s personality is really like, or being able to tell a story through a wonky, twisted aerial-shot from the edge of an Exchange District building, is a hell of a lot more interesting.

Behind Closed Doors 2014  , St. Vital Centre

Behind Closed Doors 2014, St. Vital Centre

Little Shmoo  , 2011

Little Shmoo, 2011

Headshots for   Amanda Stegmaier  , Professional Singer/Actress

Headshots for Amanda Stegmaier, Professional Singer/Actress

The various faces of   (2013-2014)

The various faces of (2013-2014)

Crumbled Crayfish  , Lake of the Woods, Ontario, 2011

Crumbled Crayfish, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, 2011

Lipshtick  , (Models:   Shayla Honer  ,   Josh Stark  ,   Lauren Lee  )

Lipshtick, (Models: Shayla HonerJosh StarkLauren Lee)

Fireworks in Kenora, Ontario, Canada Day 2012

Fireworks in Kenora, Ontario, Canada Day 2012

Raegan Hedley   for   CHARGE Magazine  ‘s first issue (article by   Brina Gervais  ) 2014

Raegan Hedley for CHARGE Magazine‘s first issue (article by Brina Gervais) 2014

Folklorama   2011, Italian Pavilion

Folklorama 2011, Italian Pavilion

Nonna’s House  , 2013

Nonna’s House, 2013

Photography for the cover of   CHARGE Magazine

Photography for the cover of CHARGE Magazine

Boyfriend  , 2012

Boyfriend, 2012

New Year’s Eve  , 2011- fisheye (Models:   Palmer Nowak  , Rebecca Alexander)

New Year’s Eve, 2011- fisheye (Models: Palmer Nowak, Rebecca Alexander)

CHARGE Magazine poster promotional shoot (Models: Lauren Lee,   Raquel Garner  , Alysha Kotaska Cameron)

CHARGE Magazine poster promotional shoot (Models: Lauren Lee, Raquel Garner, Alysha Kotaska Cameron)



Instagram:   @hellorousseau

Instagram: @hellorousseau

Instagram:   @hellorousseau

Instagram: @hellorousseau

Instagram:   @hellorousseau

Instagram: @hellorousseau